Bye-bye buckets

Les Smith hands a bucket down to Stuart Knapp

Les Smith and Stuart Knapp wave goodbye to the buckets

It’s raining. In the past, the sound of rain on the Museum’s glass roof would have our Front of House staff rushing for buckets. The Victorian structure is beautiful, impressive, airy… and challenging.

Les Smith reaches for the last container

Les Smith reaches for the last container

When the Museum opened in 1860, the architecture was right at the cutting edge, and the unique combination of medieval-inspired arches and carvings sitting alongside the soaring glass and iron roof has even been described as Techno-Gothic. Pioneering projects aren’t always perfect and unfortunately the Museum’s roof has leaked since its creation over 150 years ago. Last year’s roof restoration project was driven by the need to keep the rain out, and now every glass tile is sealed with 21st century technology.

Today the leaks are gone and the Museum is dry. The collection of buckets, boxes and all manner of containers has been removed from the tops of cases and the Front of House stash of buckets has gone. Now we can relax and enjoy the sound of the rain, without worrying if the specimens are getting damp!

Rachel Parle, Interpretation and Education Officer

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