Museum on the road


With the exhibits hidden behind scaffolding for the next year, it’s time to bring the Museum to you! So here’s how we’ll be getting around – our very own bespoke museum van.

Scott having a quick test drive

Scott having a quick test drive

The exterior has been beautifully decorated with some of the Museum’s most famous specimens for people to spot as we’re out and about. Bugs, animals, gemstones and, of course, our T rex, can be seen peering out of the paintwork.

Over the next few months, we’ll be getting the expert info on each of the specimens, with one object featured each week. That means you’ll be able to find out what makes these specimens so special.

Our Education team will be zooming off to small, rural schools that are often unable to visit the Museum. We’re providing workshops on skeletons, rocks and minerals and evolution. Bones, stones and specimens are wrapped and packed ready to get out onto the road. More about that later!

One of our precious Darwin specimens

One of our precious Darwin specimens

Collections staff will also be using the van to transport objects between locations. This will be especially important for a couple of special projects in the summer… watch this space for more information on that soon.

So, if you see us on a road near you, give us a wave! And check the blog each week to find out What’s on the Van.

Rachel Parle, Education Officer

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